Shopping in Mizoram : Is that real?

Shopping is a favourite way to pass the time for a lot of ladies ( and some men ) that I know, both here and in Mizoram. I am quite partial to the habit myself on occasion!

In Mizoram, shopping can be a very interesting experience in ways that are completely different to experiences encountered whilst shopping here in the west.

The long arms of the copyright/ trademark /patent /counterfeit laws do not penetrate the deep remoteness of the region. I love to walk around and look at all the various “designer ” goods that are on display at all the market stalls.

Due to the location of Mizoram, right next to Burma from where untold amounts of fake and various counterfeit goods of all shapes and sizes flow through the border, from toiletries to food to medicine to shoes and clothing.

Everyone is very abreast of fashion trends and the very latest brand names, but cannot always afford the real stuff,  and hence the markets are full of copies of these “designer ” goods, some very good fakes and some not so great ones.



It provides valuable sense of belonging to the masses of the population that cannot afford the real branded items but still want to feel like they are part of the relevant crowd that wears the latest “designer ” items.

Anyone want to go shopping?

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